Muster Roll

Muster For The Old Soldiers Home

The official function of muster rolls was that of enumeration of a particular military unit or a crew of a ship, recorded by officers for administrative purposes to distribute pay. Today The Old Soldiers Home Foundation has adopted the Muster Roll to reflect the rich history the Muster Roll in the founding of America.

You can have your name added to the Muster Roll by making a donation to The Old Soldiers Home Foundation. Our residents and the Foundation thank the following individuals and corporations who mustered in support of the veteran residents.


Association of the United States Army


David Pauling, USMC
Roy Cougle, USN
Paul Armbruster, USAF
Reynold Hoover, USA
Bill Troy, USA
Jean Baderschneider
Pat MacArevey, USA
Dave Melcher, USA
Nancy Crisman
Travis Smith
Nancy Belmont
Association of the United States Army
Mike A. Nelson
Philip Ford, USN
John D'Agostino, USA

“If there is anyone who deserves to have his pathway made smooth and pleasant, it is the old soldier who was ever ready to sacrifice his life in defense of his country.”

General Winfield Scott at the Founding of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in 1851

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